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TSC Resources for Construction and Design

The Concrete Dams, Spillways, Outlets Group (86-68130) provides civil engineering designs, analyses, and construction support associated with concrete dams and other hydraulic structures such as spillways and outlet works. Weprovide technical support to construction management staff to ensure the design intents is met. Specific services include:

The Water Conveyance Group (86-68140) provides structural designs and technical advice for hydraulic structures, bridges, roadways, and fish facilities.

The Estimating, Specifications, and Construction Management Group (86-68170) prepares Reclamation construction cost trends, construction cost estimates, and design specifications for construction, and coonstruction cost estimates for water reclamation projects. Provides construction management, scheduling, claims analysis, and project management services.

The Materials Engineering and Research Laboratory (MERL) (86-68180) testing and field analysis helps prepare technical specifications and review construction proposals. Our services include:

MERL's field investigations include:

Water Resources Planning and Operations Support Group (86-68210)  provides design and construction assistance for wells, well fields, subsurface irrigation drainage, dewatering, and infiltration systems (e.g., corrugated plastic drain pipe).

The Flood Hydrology and Consequences Group (86-68250) provides flood hydrologic studies for designing water control structures (e.g., dams, canals, levees, culverts).

The Geotechnical Engineering Group (86-68311, 86-68312, 86-68313) provides design work for embankment dams and foundations for structures. Recent design work includes Animas La Plata, Colorado and modification design on Pineview Dam, Utah and Horsetooth Dam, Colorado.

The Mechanical Equipment Group (86-68410) provides engineering services for new and existing dams, powerplants, pumping plants, water treatment plants, fish handling facilities, water conveyance structures, and visitor and employee facilities. This group also provides budgetary estimating, design and technical specifications, quantitative material estimates, factory inspection and equipment installation, operations and maintenance support, structural and vibration analysis, finite element studies, startup, and operational and troubleshooting tests of mechanical equipment and systems.

The Electrical Design Group (86-68430) designs new pumping facilities and provide power transmission systems for pumping facilities.



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