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TSC Resources for Civil Engineering

The Structural Analysis Group (86-68110) evaluates concrete arch, gravity, multiple arch, and buttress dams, powerplants, pumping plants, and water conveyance structures, and other buildings. The group designs and analyzes a wide variety of structures, including:

  • Concrete arch dams
  • Gravity dams
  • Multiple arch dams
  • Buttress dams
  • Powerplants and pumping plants layout and design
  • Water conveyance structures
  • Buildings

The Plant Structures Group (86-68120) provides analysis, programming, planning, design, and construction support services to produce a wide range of project and building types, including:

  • Powerplants and Pumping Plants
  • Visitor Centers and Office Buildings
  • Conservation and Water Reuse Program Planning
  • Rural Water Planning and Design
  • Architectural Barriers Act (ABA) and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Evaluations
  • Structural Evaluation of Existing Facilities
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities
  • Switchyards and Substations
  • Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) and Clean Water Act (CWA) Evaluations
  • Recreation site development
  • Wetlands site landscape design

The Waterways and Concrete Dams Group (86-68130) provides hydraulic analyses for dams and hydraulic structure designs/modifications for dams. The group also designs concrete dams. Specific analysis, design, and support expertise includes:

  • Concrete dams including arch, gravity, multiple arch, and buttress (mass reinforced and roller compacted concrete)
  • Analyses including hydraulics, structural, and quantitative risk analyses for appraisals, feasibility studies, and final designs
  • Inspections and evaluations of major dams and hydraulic structures
  • Quantitative risk analysis of major dams and hydraulic structures
  • Hydraulic structures including spillways and outlet works associated with both services (embankment and concrete dams)
  • Closed circuit television inspections and evaluations of outlet works and spillway conduits, toe drains, pipelines, and gates/valves
  • Project management of major dams and hydraulic structures
  • Designs including new and modifications for concrete dams and hydraulic structures

Contact the Water Conveyance Group (86-68140) for assistance in planning and designing:

  • Aqueducts
  • Automated conveyance systems
  • Bridges
  • Canals
  • Concrete pipe
  • Diversion structures
  • Fish facilities
  • Pipelines
  • River improvements
  • Roads
  • Siphons
  • Tunnels

The Estimating, Specifications, and Construction Management Group (86-68170) ) offers engineering support in the areas of :

  • Project management
  • Claims analysis

Materials Engineering and Research Laboratory (86-68180) performs lab and field testing in coatings, corrosion, plastics (geosynthetics/polymeric materials), concrete technology and concrete repair.

The Water Treatment Group (86-68190) designs new or retrofit treatment facilities for remediation of all sources of impaired water.  Designs can include:  treatment plants, wells, storage tanks, pump stations, gravity/forcemain piping, manholes, or water disinfection packages.  All designs meet requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act and the Clean Water Act.  This group also offers research services to develop new or modified processes and materials for difficult water sources, treatment residuals management, and integration of alternative energy systems.

Embankment Dams and Geotechnical Engineering Groups (86-68311, 86-68312, 86-68313) offer geotechnical engineering for earthen and concrete dams and designs embankment dams.

The Geotechnical Computer and Technical Support Group (86-68361) provides computer aided analyses, drawings, modeling, GIS spatial data analysis, GPS surveys and map creation, image processing, and more to support civil and geotechnical engineering for Reclamation.

For equipment and systems used in dams, power plants, pumping plants, water treatment plants, fish-handling facilities, water conveyance structures, and visitor and employee facilities, contact either the Mechanical Equipment Group (86-68410) or the Hydraulic Equipment Group (86-68420) about the following services:

  • Budgetary estimates
  • Design and technical specifications
  • Quantitative material estimates
  • Inspection and installation
  • Structural and vibration analysis
  • Finite element studies
  • Startup support
  • Operational and troubleshooting tests

Hydroelectric Research and Technical Services (86-68430) offers:

  • Power incident investigation and root cause analysis
  • Power apparatus and power system staged fault and equipment testing
  • Data acquisition systems for condition monitoring and power system analysis
  • Powerplant feedback control system testing and technical assistance
  • Design and planning support for power and water facility automation systems
  • Powerplant automation system replacement and upgrade planning (life cycle mgmt)



Please contact a client liaison (303) 445-2561 to help you get the most efficient services for your needs.