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TSC Resources for
Mapping and Geographic Information System Analyses

Geographic Information Systems

Environmental Applications and Research Group (86-68220)
GIS based wildlife management models

Remote Sensing and GIS Team (86-68260) performs research to find more cost effective, accurate, and useful ways to improve and use remote sensing and GIS data to study the spatial relationships and quality of different vegetation types in the area. This information is invaluable for planning, habitat assessment, wildlife management, and other critical environmental efforts. The research serves a variety of users including environmental specialists, wildlife biologists, fisheries biologists, resource planners, and engineers. Studies include:

This team can combine the entire array of U.S. Census with data from health, transportation, criminal justice, marketing, housing, economic development, social service, and other organizations as input into a geographic information system. These data can be used to estimate the human impacts on natural resources.

Geotechnical Computer and Technical Support Group (86-68322)
GIS spatial data analysis

Water Resources Planning and Operations Support Group (86-68210)
Hydrologic GIS applications

Engineering Geology Goup (86-68320)
CAD and CADD three-dimensional modeling using GIS, GPS, and related databases


Remote Sensing and Geographic Information (86-68260)
Maps/drawings, plotting

Engineering Geology Group (86-68320)

Geophysics and Seismotectonics Group 86-68330


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