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TSC Resources for Hydropower Research and Analyses

Reclamation is working to provide additional energy, reduce losses, enhance efficiencies, increase powerplant reliability, and reduce generator forced outages. By enhancing energy production, we can obtain the same amount of power with less water, thereby providing more energy and more water flexibility for other uses, including environmental, recreational, urban, agricultural, etc. This also allows Reclamation to move forward under deregulation.

The Technical Service Center provides engineering and other expertise to meet hydroelectric power plant needs and a supportive lab environment to research problem solving applications for today's--and tomorrow's--hydroelectric challenges.

The Economics and Resource Planning Team, 86-68212, conducts:

  bullet Economic investigations and financial analysis of hydropower modeling     bullet Evaluation of costs of changes in hydropower generation

Mechanical Equipment Group (86-68410) provides engineering services for mechanical equipment and systems for power and pumping plants. Services include estimating budgets, design and technical specifications, quantitative material estimates, factory inspection and equipment installation, operations and maintenance support, structural and vibration analysis, finite element studies, startup, and operational and troubleshooting tests of mechanical equipment and systems. We have recently modernized elecators at the Hungry Horse, Grand Coulee, and Glen Canyon Dams; helped refurbish Shasta Dam, and analyzed the Hoover Dam Penstock.

Electrical Design Group (86-68430) has a great of experience in retrofitting hydroelectric plants with new equipment. As equipment gets older, it loses capability. We check equipment to verify that it is still performing at its designed levels. If the equipment is marginal, then we find the most effective way to replace or repair. We provide computer modeling, power generation system analysis. We have recently worked at Yellowtail Powerplant and Glen Canyon Dams.

Hydropower Technical Services Group (86-68440) conducts a wide variety of hydropower research, technology transfer, and training, including powerformer research.Our cadre of specialized engineers make over 250 trips to the field each year to help field engineers solve problems and to engage in cutting edge research that will address tomorrow's challenges. The group develops, researchs, and adapts state-of-the-art programs, diagnostic tools, and processes to Reclamation's facilities to:

Water Resources Planning and Operations Support Group (86-68210) provides water resource engineering and hydrology technical analyses in studies of water availability and dependability. Our experts can help you with:




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