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TSC Resources for Hydraulics & Hydrology Research and Analyses

Contact the Waterways and Concrete Dams Group (86-68130) for:

  • Hydraulic analyses for dams
  • Hydraulic structure designs and modifications for dams
  • Hydraulic design and analysis for high-velocity and high-pressure flow
  • Hydraulic/hydrologic quantitative analyses for potential failure modes and associated with cavitation, stagnation pressure, and overtopping conditions

The Water Treatment Engineering Research Team (86-68221) offers research, designs, and analyses for solar ponds and solar powered pumping.

The Geophysics and Seismotectonics Group, 86-68321 handles paleohydrology analyses.

The Water Resources Planning and Operations Support Group (86-68210) can provide experts in:

  • Canal system modeling
  • Stochastic hydrology applications
  • Flood analysis
  • River basin modeling
  • Hydrologic GIS applications
  • Hydro-meteorological studies
  • Hydrologic models
  • Watershed modeling

This group also provides water resource engineering and hydrology technical analyses in studies of water availability and dependability. Our experts can help you with:

  • Hydrologic analyses of precipitation-runoff relationships and development of reconstructed flows including undepleted flow conditions and runoff in ungaged basins
  • Analyses of aquifer/stream interaction
  • River/reservoir computer simulated water operations and water regulation
  • Ground water hydrology/hydraulics
  • Ground water recharge
  • Development, enhancement and application of advanced technologies and analysis tools such as river basin computer simulation models, water demand models, and improved hydrologic methods
  • Sensitivity and uncertainty analyses of hydrologic data
  • Ground water flow analyses and basin recharge characteristics
  • Aquifer/stream interaction analysis, ground-water flow models

The Flood Hydrology and Consequences Group (86-68250) can help you with:

  • Hydrologic monitoring
  • Hydrological aspects of dam safety
  • Hydrometeorology
  • Probable maximum flood
  • Paleohydrology
  • Flood frequency analyses

The Sedimentation and River Hydraulics Group (86-68240) can help you with:

  • River hydraulics and mechanics
  • River/reservoir responses to change
  • Scour studies

Hydraulic Investigations and Laboratory Services (86-68560) applies hydraulic modeling, analysis, and field testing expertise to solve water resources, hydraulics, and fluid mechanics problems. To provide new water resource management tools for Reclamation projects, this group solves site-specific problems and pursues applied research in:

  • Water conservation
  • Environmental hydraulics
  • Hydraulic structures and equipment
  • Dam safety


Please contact a client liaison (303) 445-2561 to help you get the most efficient services for your needs.