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Hazardous Waste and Remediation

We provide oversight of hazardous waste sites, as well as many technical analyses and research for hazardous waste, including:

Engineering Geology (86-68320)
Hazardous waste site characterization
Geologic suitability of long-term storage of radioactive waste
Safety at hazardous waste sites
Site characterization for hazardous wastes

Water Conveyance (86-68140)
Hydraulic Structures, Roads, and Bridges
Quality assurance (Hazardous waste)

Estimating, Specifications, and Construction Management Group (86-68170)
Chemistry for hazardous waste products

Water Treatment Engineering Research Team (86-68221)
Wastewater treatment systems
Wastewater analysis
Hazardous waste site remediation
Wastewater treatment training
Water remediation of hazardous chemicals

Embankment Dams and Geotechnical Engineering (86-68311, 86-68312, 86-68313)
Detailed specs and designs for remediation of existing projects
Hazardous and toxic waste sites (including site remediation and removal actions)
Geotechnical engineering for tailings dams, heap leach pads, and waste dumps
Mine closures and reclamation of underground and surface mines, mineral processing facilities, and smelters.

Geotechnical Computer and Technical Support Group (86-68380) provides guidance and assistance in the planning and execution of hazardous waste site removal actions, remedial investigations and designs, feasibility studies, and construction oversight. Special and routine geotechnical and geoenvironmental analytical services are provided, including laboratory and field sampling and testing using specialized ground-water and soil sampling equipment. Environmental geotechnical consultants resolve subsurface contaminant problems and perform detailed contaminant transport and fate analyses associated with the application of various geotechnical solutions to subsurface contamination problems.

Geophysics and Seismotectonics Group (86-68321)
Hazardous waste mitigation.


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