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Technical Service Center

The mission/vision of the TSC is to be Reclamation’s preferred provider of science and engineering services.  The key areas to accomplish the plan are:  workload, workforce, product delivery, and financial.

Project Management Corner

The Project Management Steering Committee is continuing with its mission of monitoring, improving, and disseminating TSC project management policies, procedures, tools, and assistance. TSC’s vision continues to be that all TSC jobs will meet or exceed the client’s schedule and budget expectations without compromising technical quality or safety.

The current membership of the committee is as listed below.


  Member Group Phone
  Mark Boyle, PMP
      (Management Sponsor)  
86-68400     303-445-2828
  Christi Young
       (Committee Chair)
86-68010 303-445-2561
  Gay Ann Martinez 86-68010 303-445-3006
  Scott Irvine 86-68120 303-445-2253
  Dan Maag 86-68170 303-445-3084
  Roger Burnett 86-68210 303-445-2508
  Tim Tochtrop 86-68312 303-445-2990
  Bill Bouley 86-68360 303-445-2754
  Bob Einhellig 86-68460 303-445-2142



Please contact a client liaison (303) 445-2561 to help you get the most efficient services for your needs.