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About the Technical Service Center, Denver, Colorado

We build your future for youThe mission/vision of the TSC is to be Reclamation’s preferred provider of science and engineering services. 

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At a glance:

TSC Created October 1994
Agency United States Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation
Director Tom Luebke
Contact TLuebke@usbr.gov
303-445-2600 phone
303-445-6379 fax
Denver Federal Center Building 67
P.O. Box 25007 (86-68000)
Denver, Colorado 80225-0007
Our Business World-class engineering, science, research, and support services for projects related to water resources
How We Operate The TSC receives no direct appropriations, but rather recovers its operating costs through fee-for-service arrangements with clients.
Number of Employees 556 (329 engineers, 105 scientists, 98 technical support, 34 administrative support).
Our Clients Reclamation's Commissioner; Regional and Area Offices; Safety of Dams Program; Office of Program and Policy Services; Science and Technology Program; Office of Security, Safety, and Law Enforcement; International Affairs Office
Billable Rates


Please contact a client liaison (303) 445-2561 to help you get the most efficient services for your needs.