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Technical Service Center

TSC Billing Information

Since the formation of the Technical Service Center in FY95, TSC has charged for its services on an as-requested, job-by-job basis through individual service agreements. TSC operates like a business and uses both a billable labor rate and fee structure to fully recover its operating costs. The billable rate charged to a customer is the same for both regular and overtime hours worked. The table below provides the current basic billable rates for the TSC.

Table 1.— TSC FY 2015 Billable Rates

Skill Level  Grades  Hourly Rate  Daily Rate 
1 1 - 10 $64 $512
2 11 - 12 $90 $720
3 13 - 15 $112 $896

What rates are projected for 2016 and 2017?

Beginning in FY 2001, TSC implemented supplemental fees for certain laboratory, field, and computing services. In addition, a few of the TSC groups have adopted a higher billable labor rate to cover the costs of their broad-based higher rate services. These premium rates (TSC baseline rate plus a surcharge) and service fees are summarized below, in table 2.

Table 2.—TSC Premium Rates and Service Fees

All codes In-house contractor services   $15/hr
86-68010 Surcharge for interagency agreement processing (one-time fee) to be collected at the beginning of work.   $720
Additional fee for significant modifications to an interagency agreement and/or for multi-year agreements.   $250 minimum
86-68110 Workstation fees for structural analysis   $200/day
86-68170 Construction tracking/scheduling to cover software & equipment   $200–500/yr
PASS studies—Costs of supplies, equipment, space, and admin   $300/day


Surcharge for materials, lab supplies, equipment, space, & maintenance $15/hr  
5-Million-Pound Test Machine   $2,500 /day
Specialized equipment use   $1,000/day
Coatings and corrosion work   $200/day
Sample storage   $4/ft2 /month
Testing and analysis field trips   $2,000/trip
Lab tour/public outreach equipment and supplies   $2,000/tour
 86-68210 Mobilization and use of drill rigs—Equipment and storage costs   $0.20/mile + $125/hr
 86-68220 Surcharge for lab, boats and related equipment, and associated space and special utilities $5/hr  
 86-68240 Surcharge for specialized technology and equipment $3/hr  
 86-68290 Surcharge for fish lab and specialized equipment, such as boats and electronics $5/hr  
 86-68320 Trimble GPS system   $250/day
PLGRs   $50/day
 86-68330 Surcharge for geophysical and seismological equipment, storage, and maintenance $10/hr  
Class V: GPS, X-hole truck, White logger   $250/day
Class IV: Crawler Cams   $200/day
Class III: Trim2d and Promax   $150/day
Class II: Seismograph, Intergraph, Gray logger, MGX logger   $100/day
Class I: UNIX, Intergraph II, Borehole cams, misc geophys equipment, temp microseismic nets   $50/day
Use of lab   $80 day
Temporary microseismic network   $3,000/sensor
 86-68410, 86-68420, 86-68430 Surcharge for mechanical and electrical engineering services $5/hr  
 86-68440, 86-68450 Costs associated with hydroelectric lab supplies, equipment, and space $19/hr  
 86-68460  Hydraulic lab and lab shops infrastructure surcharge—Space, equipment, supplies, and storage costs for hydraulic studies $15/hr  
Hydraulic lab infrastructure fee—Space, equipment, and storage costs based on hydraulic model "footprint"   $2/sq ft/month
Hydraulic lab equipment/instrumentation fees for specialized equipment used to analyze hydraulic conditions   Contact group manager*
Lab tour/public outreach equipment and supplies   $2,000/month

*Prices are variable for some services. Managers can provide current pricing information for these services.

TSC billable rates for outyears are conservatively estimated to cover anticipated inflation and cost of living increases in employee salaries. The rate for an upcoming year is then adjusted immediately prior to the start of a new fiscal year (normally in early September) based on better information about prior year performance and future year operating costs. Table 3 below provides a summary of the current preliminary estimate of outyear rates for the TSC.

Table 3.—Preliminary Outyear TSC Billable Rates

Fiscal Year Skill Level Hourly Rate Daily Rate
FY 2016 1 $66 $528
2 $93 $744
3 $116 $928
FY 2017 1 $68 $544
2 $96 $768
3 $120 $960


Please contact a client liaison (303) 445-2561 to help you get the most efficient services for your needs.