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Structural Analysis Group (86-68110)

Phoebe Percell, P.E., Manager,
<PPercell@usbr.gov>, 303-445-3253
Bureau of Reclamation
P.O. Box 25007, 86-68110
Denver, Colorado 80225-0007

Bartlett Dam
Bartlett Dam, Arizona
3-D Finite Element Model
3-D Finite Element Model
Mode Shapes
Mode Shapes

The Structural Analysis Group provides specialists in the field of structural analysis and evaluation of concrete arch, gravity, multiple arch, and buttress dams, powerplants, pumping plants, and water conveyance structures, and other buildings. The group's expertise and background include structures composed of mass concrete, roller compacted concrete, reinforced and prestressed concrete, steel, timber, and masonry. Individuals in the group, as team members, perform review or consult on dynamic and static analyses to support studies and designs related to: new structures, safety evaluation of existing dams or buildings and modifications to existing structures. The group also provides team leaders who give technical and administrative leadership for projects as well as perform the technical work on the team within their specialty area.

Types of Analysis

  • Structural 3-D finite element capability
  • Static
  • Dynamic: pseudo-static, response spectra, and full time history
  • Linear and non-linear
  • Stability Analysis

Special Considerations

  • Hydrodynamic interaction: Westergaard's added mass, incompressible and compressible fluid elements
  • Load determination: Static, hydrologic, hydraulic, dynamic, construction, and thermal (short and long term)
  • Alkali-aggregate reaction
  • Foundation and structural grouting
  • Uplift pressure, flownet, and drainage

Material Property Determination

  • New construction: Concrete mix designs, aggregate testing, borrow source investigations
  • Existing structures: Core extraction, in situ geophysical testing laboratory testing for engineering properties


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