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Bank Stabilization Design Guidelines Research

The bank stabilization design guidlines research project improves the understanding of physical mechanisms in order to better meet project objectives and reduce maintenance requirements.

Research products will include design and performance parameters for a wide array of structures including:

  • Deflector Features: Spur Fields, Barbs, Dikes, Bendway Weirs, Groins, Hard Points, etc.
  • Longitudinal Features: Stone Toe, Reventments, Soil Cement, Bio-Engineering

The end product will consist of design guidlines and tools for achiving specific hydraulic and ecologic performance objectives in a sustainable manner.

Bank Stabilization Structures Site Map

The research project take a multi-faceted approach towards developing a deeper understanding of rivers and bank stabilization structures including:

  • Field Work
  • Physical Modeling
  • Numerical Modeling
  • Design Tools


For more information on Reclamation's River Engineering Services, contact the Group Manager, Tim Randle (303)445-2557.