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About SRH-2D

SRH-2D, Sedimentation and River Hydraulics Ė Two-Dimensional model, is a two-dimensional (2D) hydraulic, sediment, temperature, and vegetation model for river systems under development at the Bureau of Reclamation. Different versions of SRH-2D conatin different modules, as listed below (only version 2 is released and the rest will be released in the future):

For watershed runoff modeling, SRH-W v.1.1 should be used which is listed at the bottom.

About SRH-2D version 2

SRH-2D version 2 solves the 2D dynamic wave equations, i.e., the depth-averaged St. Venant equations. Its modeling capability is comparable to some existing 2D models but SRH-2D claims a few boasting features. First, SRH-2D uses a flexible mesh that may contain arbitrarily shaped cells. In practice, the hybrid mesh of quadrilateral and triangular cells is recommended though purely quadrilateral or triangular elements may be used. A hybrid mesh may achieve the best compromise between solution accuracy and computing demand. Second, SRH-2D adopts very robust and stable numerical schemes with a seamless wetting-drying algorithm. The resultant outcome is that few tuning parameters are needed to obtain the final solution. SRH-2D was evolved from SRH-W which had the additional capability of watershed runoff modeling. Many features are improved from SRH-W.

Major Features of SRH-2D v.2

Major SRH-2D capabilities are listed below:

SRH-2D is a 2D model, and it is particularly useful for problems where 2D effects are important. Examples include flows with in-stream structures, through bends, with perched rivers, with side channel and agricultural returns, and with braided channel systems. A 2D model may also be needed if one is interested in local flow velocities, eddy patterns, flow recirculation, lateral velocity variation, and flow over banks and levees.

SRH-2D version 2 Downloads (NEW SRH-2D Version 2.2 is Available Now)

SRH-W version 1 Downloads


For comments and your application story of SRH-2D, contact Yong Lai through e-mail at ylai@usbr.gov. But note that Reclamation does not provide technical support for use of the software. Please read the Disclaimer in the Userís Manual for details.