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Software Models

The Sedimentation and River Hydraulics Group developed and maintains and a suite of software packages for river analysis in addition to a proficiency with many other models. Used in combination with each other and other models, our software provides an integrated picture of a river system and processes. Access to the source code and an intimate understanding of the internal works allows the group to keep current with technological progress and thoroughly understand the applicability and limitations. Customization tailors models to the specific needs. Sedimentation and River Hydraulics Group software includes:

Numerical Modeling Collage

Follow the links for a description of each model or to locate contact information for a specific developer. To discuss our modeling services in general, please contact Tim Randle, Group Manager, (303) 445-2557.

Reclamation does not have a mandate or funding to provide support for in-house modeling software. These models comprise part of our capability in providing sedimentation and river hydraulic services to our clients and are presented here for reference.