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Our staff--Sedimentation Group 86-68240, Technical Service Center, Bureau of Reclamation

Group Manager

Timothy Randle, trandle@usbr.gov, (303) 445-2557

Contact Information: Common Mailing Address: P.O. Box 25007 (86-68240)
Denver, CO 80225-0007
Common Fax: (303) 445-6351

All group members use the above address and fax number.

Individual Group Members

Name Email Phone
Drew Baird: PhD, P.E. Civil Engineer (Hydraulics) (more) dbaird@.usbr.gov (303) 445-2564
Jennifer Bountry: M.S., P.E. Civil Engineer (Hydraulics) (more) jbountry@.usbr.gov (303) 445-3614
D. Nathan Bradley: PhD Physical Scientist (more) dnbradley@usbr.gov (303) 445-2565
John (Jay) Carlson: M.S. Physical Scientist (more) jcarlson@.usbr.gov (303) 445-2270
Kent Collins: B.S. P.E. Civil Engineer (Hydraulics) (more) kcollins@.usbr.gov (303) 445-2549
Dan Dombroski: PhD, P.E. Civil Engineer (Hydraulics) (more) ddombroski@.usbr.gov (303) 445-2570
Ron Ferrari: B.S. Hydraulic Engineer (more) rferrari@.usbr.gov (303) 445-2551
Lisa Fotherby: PhD, P.E. Civil Engineer (Hydraulics) (more) lfotherby@.usbr.gov (303) 445-2476
Brian Fox: M.S. Civil Engineer (Hydraulics) (more) bdfox@.usbr.gov (303) 445-2270
Elaina Gordon: M.S., P.E. Civil Engineer (Hydraulics) (more) egordon@.usbr.gov (303) 445-2550
Blair Greimann: PhD, P.E. Civil Engineer (Hydraulics) (more) bgreimann@.usbr.gov (303) 445-2563
Rob Hilldale: M.S., P.E. Civil Engineer (Hydraulics) (more) rhilldale@.usbr.gov (303) 445-3135
Jianchun Victor Huang: PhD, P.E. Civil Engineer (Hydraulics) (more) vhuang@.usbr.gov (303) 445-2158
Rebecca Kallio: M.S. Civil Engineer (Hydraulics) (more) rkallio@.usbr.gov (303) 445-2462
Sean Kimbrel: M.S., P.E. Civil Engineer (Hydraulics) (more) skimbrel@.usbr.gov (303) 445-2539
Yong Lai: PhD Hydraulic Engineer (more) ylai@.usbr.gov (303) 445-2560
Paula Makar: M.S., P.E. Civil Engineer (Hydraulics) (more) pmakar@.usbr.gov (303) 445-2555
Jan Oliver: B.S. Physical Scientist (more) joliver@.usbr.gov (303) 445-2281
Tim Randle: M.S., P.E. Group Manager (more) trandle@.usbr.gov (303) 445-2557
Kendra Russell: M.S., P.E. Hydraulic Engineer (more) krussell@.usbr.gov (303) 445-2552
Mike Sixta: M.S., P.E. Hydraulic Engineer (more) msixta@.usbr.gov (303) 445-2568
David Varyu: M.S., P.E. Hydraulic Engineer (more) dvaryu@.usbr.gov (303) 445-2535
Kurt Wille: M.S. Physical Scientist (more) kwille@.usbr.gov (303) 445-2285