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Dr. Jianchun Victor Huang
Hydraulic Engineer
Sedimentation and River Hydraulics Group

Current Position
Visiting Hydraulic Engineer at the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Technical Service center, Denver Office. Research Investigator at the Iowa Institute of Hydraulic Research, The University of Iowa.

Current Researches
Generalized Sediment Transport model for Alluvial River Simulation - One Dimensional.

Selected Publications
Huang, J., Greimann, B.G., Yang, C.T., (2003), "Numerical simulation of sediment transport in alluvial river with floodplains," International Journal of Sediment Research, Vol. 18(1), 50-59.

Huang, J., Patel, V.C., Lai, Y.G., (2002), "Numerical simulation of flow in a reach of the Chattahoochee River," submitted to Journal of Hydraulic Research.

Huang, J., Weber, L.J., Lai, Y.G., (2002), "Three-dimensional numerical simulation of flow in an open-channel junction," Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, ASCE, Vol. 128(3), 268-280.

Huang, J., Lai, Y.G., Patel, V.C., (2001), "Verification and validation of an improved 3D model for open-channel flow," Numerical Heat Transform, Part B, Fundamentals, Vol. 40(5), 431-449.

Lai, Y.G., Lin, C.-L., Huang, J., (2000), "Verification and validation of Lattice Boltzmann method for fluid flow simulation," Numerical Heat Transform, Part B. Fundamentals, Vol. 39(1), 21-43.

Denver Federal Center
Building 67, Room 470
P.O. Box 25007 (86-68540)
Denver, CO 80225
Office: (303)445-2158
Fax: (303)445-6351
Email: vhuang@.usbr.gov