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Agricultural WAter Resources Decision Support (AWARDS)

An automated information system to assist water users by providing easy access to rainfall and daily crop water use estimates. Develop, maintain, and pass efficient water usage practices on to the next generation.

Purpose of the AWARDS System

The purpose of the AWARDS system is to improve the efficiency of water management and irrigation scheduling by providing guidance on when and where to deliver water, and how much to apply. The AWARDS system has been designed for use by reservoir system operators, water district staff, and on-farm irrigators.

Access to NEXRAD radar rainfall and evapotranspiration (ET) estimates

The AWARDS system is an Operational Water Management Measure that agricultural water districts and irrigation organizations can include in their water conservation and management plans to achieve more efficient water use.

AWARDS System Technology

The AWARDS system is based on modern remote sensing, communication, computer, and Internet technologies.

One such remote sensing technology is weather surveillance radar. A network of over 140 NEXRAD (NEXt generation weather surveillance RADar) systems have recently been installed in the contiguous United States. They have been located so that the radars' 230 km radius coverages overlap in most areas (mountain blockage is a problem in some areas).

Map of WSR-88D Locations
NEXRAD Radar Network station locations

Radar tower superimposed against a thunderhead. NEXRAD weather surveillance radar tower with antenna/radome Image of an automatic weather station Automatic Weather Station

How the AWARDS System Works

Schematic diagram
Schematic diagram of the AWARDS system

The AWARDS System will automatically integrate 1-hr (loop) and 24-hr NEXRAD radar rainfall estimates (much better estimates than available from watching TV weather reports)...

with 24-hr surface weather station data...

and uses the NEXRAD radar rainfall estimates and surface weather station data...

to provide information to the water managers and users, such as

Efficient use of the AWARDS system will help to meet the increasing water demands of the western states while protecting the environment and the public's investment.

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