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MERL Testing Capabilities

The engineers and technicians at MERL provide a wide variety of services for other government agencies. We've provided cost estimates for some of our more routine services below.

In addition, we have capabilities allowing us to perform a wide variety of customized, highly specialized services and testing programs for other agencies. Check out our unique capabilities and special programs for some examples, and contact us if you would like to learn more about the services we can provide.

Laboratory Testing Cost Estimate for Aggregates

Test Description

ASTM Test No.

3a. Aggregate Grading C-136
3b. Percent Silt(<No. 200) C-117
4a. Specific Gravity Absorption - Coarse C-127
4b. Specific Gravity Absorption - Fine C-128
5. Organic Impurities C-40  
6. Sodium Sulfate Soundness C-88  
7. Los Angeles Abrasion C-131
9. Petrographic Examination* C-295
10. Freezing and Thawing of Concrete C-666
11. Mortar Bar Expansion C-227
12. Friable Particles C-142
13. Density and Void C-29  
14. Sand Attrition   C-1137

* Sample processing and petrographic examination costs may vary with the complexity of geologic units sampled.

Roller Compacted Concrete Mixture Proportioning Evaluation and Physical Properties Testing

Physical Properties Test


Initial Mixture Proportions

1. Aggregate Processing
2. Mixture Proportions
3. Fresh RCC Properties - Vebe Time vs. Water Content 4905/C-1170
4. Fresh RCC Properties - Vebe Time vs. Sand Content 4905/C-1170
5. Fresh RCC Properties Final Mixture 4905/C-1170
6. Strength/Elastic Properties - Testing (7, 28, 90, 365 days) 4039/C-39

Final Mixture Thermal Properties

7. Thermal Diffusivity 4909
8. Thermal Expansion 4910
9. Adiabatic Temperature Rise 4911
10. Specific Heat 4907

Physical Properties

11. Bond Strength - Direct Shear Strength (per test age) 4915
12. Creep (per test age) 4512
13. Strength/Elastic Properties 4039/C39
14. Freezing and Thawing of RCC 4666
15. Optional Chemical Tests

Plastics (geosynthetics/polymeric construction materials) Services
Test/Service Description
HDPE Pipe Dimensions and Slot efficiency, stiffness, elongation
PVC Waterstop Dimensions, compression molding, tensile strength, elongation, stiffness, plasticizer loss
Sealants Cold and hot flow, penetration, resilience, Shore A hardness, weight loss, pressure resistance, modulus extension, tensile adhesion, durability
Geotextile Dimension, grab tensile, elongation, pin puncture, trapezoid tear, mullen burst
Geomembranes Dimensions, tensile, elongation, graves tear, plasticizer content, seams (peel, shear)
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