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Concrete Group

Reclamation's Materials Laboratory in Denver has had an international reputation for excellence in concrete technology for over 50 years. Reclamation has a complete concrete laboratory that includes aggregate processing and testing, cement testing, mixing room, fog room and environmental chambers, freezing and thawing equipment, sulfate attack, durability testing, chemistry, petrography, and many specialized test facilities. The concrete laboratory is complemented by complete structural testing capabilities including a 5,000,000 pound universal testing machine and vibration laboratory.

Concrete Aggregate Quality Evaluation Summaries

The aggregate database, which you can download (see below), has been greatly expanded, due to partnership assistance from the University of Texas at Austin (UTA) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). This relational database is the first of its kind in the aggregate industry. The database was initially created to catalog the BOR's vast amount of aggregate quality test data. We've added over 1700 aggregate samples to our electronic database, so the database now contains tests results from over 2200 aggregate sources located throughout the western US. We will continually update the file as we enter more samples into the database

Aggregate records contain the following data:

Planned developments for the database include:

To obtain a copy of the database, download the following compressed file:

The compressed file contains Microsoft Access database tables, forms and reports. There is no "user's manual" yet, but that might be available soon.

Last updated: 9/25/14