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Technical Service Center
Materials Engineering and Research Lab


Technical Services

We are experienced team leaders for a variety of Reclamation projects. We provide guide specifications for coatings in CSI format for Reclamation. Our specifications are written to ensure that the best materials for the service environment and application conditions are used. In addition, we provide technical advice on selecting, applying, monitoring, and inspecting paints and protective coatings. Our consulting services to Reclamation's Regional, Area, and Project Offices include:

Research Projects

We conduct Reclamation-relevant applied research projects to evaluate new coating systems and ensure that the best coatings products are used for Reclamation projects. Our laboratory capabilities and current projects include:



Bobbi Jo Merten
86-68180, Bldg. 56
E-mail: BMerten@usbr.gov
Phone: 303/445-2380
Fax: 303/445-6341

Rick Pepin
86-68180, Bldg. 56
E-mail: RPepin@usbr.gov
Phone: 303/445-2391
Fax: 303/445-6341

Allen Skaja
86-68180, Bldg. 56
E-mail: ASkaja@usbr.gov
Phone: 303/445-2396
Fax: 303/445-6341

David Tordonato
86-68180, Bldg. 56
E-mail: DTordonato@usbr.gov
Phone: 303/445-2394
Fax: 303/445-6341