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Technical Service Center
Materials Engineering and Research Lab

People Working to Solve NDT for Large Anchor Bolts

Industry and Owners Concerned with the Problem

Bill Kepler Reclamation
Enrique Matheu U.S. Army
Herman Graves NRC
Keven Heinert Williams Forms

Researchers Working on the Problem

Name, affiliation, contact information, area of interest

Henrique Reis University of Illinois--Champaign-Urbana
Morris Good Pacific Northwest National Laboratories
Glenn Light Southwest Research Institute

NDT of Large Anchor Bolts Research Consortium Members

Members of the Consortium on Nondestructive Testing of Large Anchor Bolt:



Bill Kepler Reclamation
Robert D. Finfrock Finfrock Design
Jim Olshefsky ASTM International
Tony Fiorato Construction Technology Labs
Narendra Gosain Walter P. Moore Structural Diagnostics
Jorge I. Calvo Ulma Form Works, Inc.
Vilem Petr Colorado School of Mines
Tony Murray Restruction Corp.
Yazmin Seda-Sanabria U.S. Army
Enrique Matheu U.S. Army
Adrian Ciolko Construction Technology Labs
Allen Davis Construction Technology Labs
Richard Klingner University of Texas
Wayne Holliday American Society for Nondestructive Testing
Henrique Reis University of Illinois - Champaign-Urbana
Doron Kishoni Denver Research Institute
Robert E. Green, Jr. Johns Hopkins University
William Dover TSC Inspection Systems
Herman Graves NRC
Stephen Meier Tank Industry Consultants, Inc.
Keven Heinert Williams Forms
Leonard J. Bond, Ph.D Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Steve Ziola Digital Wave
Bob Mast Berger / Abam Engineers