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Other research for anchor bolts

The Consequences of Bolt Failures by Charles C. Roberts, Jr.

Temporary Design Bulletin C03-03, Bolt Design in Signal, Overhead Sign, and Light Support Structures

NRC memo on concrete expansion anchor bolts with ultimate tensile capacities substantially lower than the published values.

NRC memo on minimum edge distance for expansion anchor bolts.

NRC report on Bolting Degradation or Failure in Nuclear Power Plants

NRC report
on Tendon Anchor Head Failure

COMM-OMNI International Paper on Radio Tower Corrosion Protection

Utilization of Load/ Resistance Statistics in a Wind Speed Assessment by Timothy P. Marshall (1983). Describes wind load failures, some of them anchor bolts.

Spin-Lock Mechanical Rock Anchor System Installation, Williams Form Engineering Corp.

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health report, Geomechanics of Reinforced Cemented Backfill in an Underhand Stope at the Lucky Friday Mine, Mullan, Idaho.

UK Highways Agency, Design Manual for Roads and Briges, Highway Structures Design, Materials, Use of Rock Bolts.