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About Us

Our employees are experts on the various materials Reclamation uses to build and maintain its infrastructure. We have a number of facilities at our disposal. We also have partnerships with many public and private entities helping to broaden our knowledge base.

We are divided into four main disciplines:

As a part of the Technical Service Center's Civil Engineering Division, we provide a wide variety of services to all of Reclamation and Reclamation's clients including:

  • Troubleshooting Construction Problems

  • Facilities Inspections

  • Specification Preparation and Review

  • System Design (Corrosion Protection and Concrete Repair)

  • Material Submittal Approvals

  • Expertise in State-of-the-Art Construction Materials and Practices

  • Research on Material Problems

  • Training and Education

We also provide an array of testing services including:

Last updated: 9/17/14