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Data Acquisition and Management System Reports

Schedule for Periodic Monitoring (L-23)

The Schedule for Periodic Monitoring (L-23) form defines the reading schedule of instruments at a facility.

L23 Form

Schedule for Periodic Monitoring

Data Review Reports

The Data Review screen shows the frequencies at which the instruments are actually being read as well as readings that have not yet been reviewed. The processor or reviewer can choose a processor name, reviewer name, single or multiple dates, an instrument type, or a facility name and generate the reports of data entry. Once reviewed, they can click the "Reviewed" button which will clear the data from the Data to Review window. Generally both the Data Entry reports as well as plots are generated during review.

Data Review Screen

Data Review Screen

Data Review Report

Data Review Report (names deleted)

An overdue listing can also be generated to see which set of instruments are latent in being read.

Log (Notes) Reports

Correspondence information and Notes are kept for each dam and viewed using the log program. The log is a journal of events relating to the instrument or facility that is kept in chronological order. It is used for historical reference when examining some aspect of the instrumentation.

Log Example

Log Screen

Data Reports

For various listings of the data, including summary reports such as Minimum/Maximum values, the Report Generator is used.

The Report Generator allows for various queries of data, including reports that can be customized to pull constants, ranges, equations, raw values, and reduced values.

Output is in text format, and results can be imported into other formats such as excel or access.

Report Generator Screen

Report Generator Screen

Data Report

Data Report Example

Min Max Report

Minimum Maximum Report Example

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Last Revision: June 13, 2011