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Technical Service Center, Infrastructure Services

Mechanical Equipment Group, 86-68410

Radial gate check structureGroup Manager:  

Bill McStraw (WMcStraw@usbr.gov)
(303) 445-2294
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Bureau of Reclamation
P.O. Box 25007, 86-68410
Denver, CO 80225

We provide engineering services for mechanical equipment and systems related to new and existing dams, powerplants, pumping plants, fish handling facilities, water conveyance structures, and other building facilities. We also provide factory inspection and equipment installation expertise; operation and maintenance support, finite element studies and produce technical manuals and standard operating procedures (SOP).

Systems and equipment that the Mechanical Equipment Group designs and services include:

Mechanical operation and maintenance (O&M) support and program services are provided in coordination with the Power Resources Office. These include Facilities Instructions, Standards, and Techniques (FIST) volumes, Power Equipment Bulletins (PEB’s), power O&M reviews and incident investigation, technical advice and assistance, training, unit alignment and balancing. Mechanical speed governor adjustment, unit vibration testing and analysis, welding procedure analysis, penstock inspection program management, penstock guard gate an valve testing program management, pressure vessel inspection, and underwater inspection services using a remote-controlled vehicle.