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Technical Service Center, Infrastructure Services

Electrical Design Group (86-68430)

Jay Boggess, Manager, 303-445-2933

Grand Coulee Dam and Powerplant
Reclamation's largest powerplant (Grand Coulee Dam)

This group provides designs, drawings, technical specifications, and construction/ installation support for electrical equipment and systems. The Electrical Design Group's electrical engineering services include:

  • Generator rewind/uprates
  • Neutral grounding transformers
  • Power transformers
  • Power circuit breakers
  • Substations, switchyards, switchgear, and station service equipment
  • Excitation (voltage regulator) and governor systems
  • High and medium voltage cable and bus
  • Motor control centers, adjustable speed drives, and reduced voltage starters
  • Factory inspection of electrical equipment
  • Warranty inspections of generators
  • Control system interface
  • Wiring checkout, startup, and acceptance testing
  • On-site inspection services
  • Design Summaries, Designer Operating Criteria, and Standing Operating Procedures
  • Support of Reclamation’s Western Electricity Coordinating Council control system requirements

The group also provides electrical engineering services for low voltage circuit breakers; station batteries and battery chargers, distribution panelboards; dry type transformers; electrical equipment grounding; instrumentation and annunciation systems; and electrical features of mechanical equipment (such as speed governors, cranes, gates, valves, heating and ventilation, elevators, trash rakes, etc.).