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Infrastructure Services Division

Technical Service Center

Infrastructure Services

George Girgis, Division Chief <GGirgis@usbr.gov>
Building 67, 86-68400
Denver Federal Center
Denver, Colorado 80225-0007

The Infrastructure Services Division is one of four divisions in Reclamation's Technical Service Center in Denver, Colorado. The Infrastructure Services Division is organized in five technical groups. Please visit the individual links below for specific information on each group:

Temperature control device being installed at Shasta Dam

Mechanical Equipment Group (86-68410)

Glen Canyon Dam with main outlets open

Hydraulic Equipment Group (86-68420)

Transformers at Green Springs Powerplant, Oregon

Electrical Design Group (86-68430)

Generators at Palisades Powerplant, Idaho

Power System Analysis and Control Group (86-68440)

Test van conducting staged fault tests

Hydropower Diagnostics and SCADA Group (86-68450)

Hydraulic Model of Bartlett Dam

Hydraulic Investigations and Laboratory Services
Group (86-68460)