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Technical Service Center, Infrastructure Services

Power System Analysis and Controls and the
Hydropower Diagnostics and SCADA Groups
(86-68440 & 86-68450)


The Control Systems Analysis and Testing Team (86-68440)

This team is primarily charged with maintaining Reclamation's excitation and speed governing control systems. This team does not perform control board-type work. It is feedback control oriented. Power system stability and control are the prime responsibility of this team. The team is responsible for selection of regulator, power system stabilizer, transient excitation boosting, and governor control parameters to ensure proper system performance, and to ensure proper stability (transient, dynamic, and steady state).

The Power System Studies and Protection Team (86-68440)

This team provides power system modeling, protective relaying recommendations and settings, and support for Reclamation's Western Electricity Coordinating Council power reliability requirements.

The Electric Power and Diagnostics Team (86-68450)

This is one of our broader teams in that it is responsible for providing diagnostics services with emphasis on electric power systems. This team provides special evaluation-type troubleshooting, analysis, testing, training, review, and advice. Services are not limited to power apparatus and systems.

The Powerplant Automation Team (86-68450)

The team's primary responsibility is the development of non-proprietary Reclamation-owned automation systems; whereas 86-68440 provides proprietary, contractor-furnished SCADA systems. These systems will provide computer-based control and monitoring of powerplants, diversion facilities, river systems, and water quality. The team focuses on both the hardware and software aspects of these control and monitoring systems.

The SCADA Design Team (86-68450)

The team's primary responsibility is to design and specify contractor-furnished Supervisory Control and Data Aquisition (SCADA) systems. These systems provide computer-based control and monitoring of powerplants, diversion facilities, river systems, pumping plants, and water treatment plants. The team also designs comminication networks covering copper, fiber optic, satellite, cellular, radio, and microwave based systems.