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Technical Service Center, Infrastructure Services
Power System Analysis and Controls Group (86-68440)

Control Systems Analysis and Testing Team

Team Leader: Kyle Clair

This team is primarily charged with maintaining Reclamation's excitation and speed governing control systems. This is not control board-type work, but rather it is feedback control oriented analysis using LaPlace diagrams, Bode plots, and other mathematical models. Power system stability and control are the prime responsibility of this team. The team is responsible for selection of voltage regulator, power system stabilizer, transient excitation boosting, and speed governor control parameters to ensure proper generator and power system performance, and to ensure proper stability (transient, dynamic, and steady state) is maintained and/or enhanced as follows:

Note: Part of this work, relay coordination, is the responsibility of 86-68440 and is coordinated with them accordingly. Of critical importance to stability of the interconnected electric power system this group determines control system parameters. These recommended settings should not to be changed without this team's concurrence.