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Class Photos - Modern Methods in Canal Operation and Control

Inexpensive, low-power motor operator for retrofitting valves or slide gates
Gate valve

Students controlling the model canal from the master control platform
Photo: student at control platform

Hands-on workshop using laboratory model canal Photo: students using model canal

Learning to use acoustic velocity measurement equipment Photo: Learning about AVM's

Master control platform during a canal control workshop Photo: control platform

Students practice flow measurement techniques Photo: Measuring water

Flow measurement workshop using the portable flow measurement model Photo: Portable flow measurement model

Classroom lecture and computer workshop on control methods Photo: Classroom lecture

Classroom lecture on canal operation techniques Photo: classroom lecture

Reclamation's laboratory model canal Photo: model canal
Model canal, showing control gates
Photo: model canal gates

Obermeyer overshot gate Photo: Obermeyer overshot gate

Portable flow measurement model Photo: demo flume

Long-throated flow measurement flume in laboratory model canal Photo: long-throated flume

Last reviewed: 10/26/04