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The WinGate Beta-Test Page

Tony L. Wahl, Bureau of Reclamation, Denver, Colorado
Albert J. Clemmens, ARS, Maricopa, Arizona

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WinGate is software designed to calibrate canal check gates for flow measurement. WinGate can analyze radial gates and slide gates. The current version is WinGate 0.28_beta, updated 03/27/13. Primary funding for WinGate's development has come from the Bureau of Reclamation Science & Technology Program and the Salt River Project.

WinGate applies the Energy-Momentum (E-M) method to compute gate ratings. Primary documentation for this method is contained in Clemmens et al. (2003) and Wahl (2005). New improvements to the E-M algorithms are included in this release, and these are documented in the two conference papers from 2012 [see references listed below].

Download the Setup Kit

  • .NET Framework version 1.1.4322 - Support files that may be required to complete the installation process, depending on your version of Windows. (Try installing without this first) [23 MB]
Radial gate check structure

E-Mail Notification of WinGate Updates

To join the WinGate Notification List, please send a blank e-mail to join-wingate@listserver.usbr.gov

Useful Related Tools and Information

  • Excel spreadsheet for calibrating single gates using the E-M method. Spreadsheets are available in both English and metric units.


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