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Flume Suppliers

  • Advanced Measurements and Controls, Inc. - Adjust-A-Flume and other flumes and weirs
  • Armfield Hydraulic Instruments - Parshall flumes and trapezoidal WSC flumes (developed at Washington State College).
  • Engineered Fiberglass - Palmer-Bowlus and Parshall flumes
  • Global Water Instrumentation - Adjust-A-Flumes, Parshall, Palmer-Bowlus, H-flumes
  • Intermountain Environmental - Steel and fiberglass flumes of many types (Trapezoidal, Palmer-Bowlus, Parshall, H/HS/HL flumes, cutthroat, Adjust-A-Flume).
  • Nu-Way Flume & Equipment Company - Makers of the Adjust-A-Flume.  Contact them at PO Box 814, Delta, CO  81416, phone/fax 970-874-5429
  • Openchannelflow - Flumes (Parshall, Cutthroat, Trapezoidal, RBC), Flow Measurement Manholes and Weirs for the measurement, control, and conditioning of open channel flows.
  • Plasti-Fab - Fiberglass flumes of many types (Trapezoidal, Palmer-Bowlus, RBC, Parshall, H-flumes, cutthroat).
  • TRACOM Fiberglass Products - Fiberglass flumes of many types (Trapezoidal, RBC, Parshall, Palmer-Bowlus, HS/H/HL-types, Cutthroat, Montana, and SANIIRI), and packaged metering manholes.
  • Virtual Polymer Compounds - Fiberglass Parshall flumes, Palmer-Bowlus flumes, trapezoidal flumes, and H-flumes, and other fiberglass products.

Wall-Gage Fabricators

Note:  Trapezoidal flumes, RBC flumes, and Adjust-A-Flumes are long-throated devices.  However, analysis with WinFlume shows that some trapezoidal flumes have the gaging station located too close to the throat for accurate measurement at high flow rates.

Disclaimer:  This list is not guaranteed to be accurate or complete.  The Federal Government and the Bureau of Reclamation do not endorse any of these companies or products.  This information cannot be used for advertising purposes.

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Last reviewed: 03/07/13