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Tony L. Wahl, P.E.

Hydraulic Engineer
Bureau of Reclamation
Hydraulic Investigations and Laboratory Services Group
Denver, Colorado

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  • New! Wall Gage Creator is a stand-alone program that makes the wall gage creation module of WinFlume available as a separate program, for use with any hydraulic structure having a rating table or rating equation.
  • USBRWeir.xls is an Excel spreadsheet application that can be used to create rating tables and simplified rating equations for common sharp-crested weirs used on irrigation projects. The spreadsheet uses the Kindsvater-Carter equations to calibrate weirs that are both partially and fully contracted.
  • WinFlume is a Windows-based program for designing long-throated flume and broad-crested weir flow measurement structures. The software is an upgrade to the DOS-based program known as FLUME 3.0, documented in Clemmens, Bos, and Replogle (1993). The program is documented in a help file and user's manual provided with the software.  Several online papers describe the software and discuss related topics.
  • WinADV is a Windows-based file-viewing and post-processing utility for the ADV files produced by acoustic doppler velocimeters.
  • BFI provides a consistent, objective, automated means of separating base flow. The program accepts input from NWIS-W (Web-format) and WATSTORE data files.
  • Coanda-Effect Screens - Software used to model the hydraulic performance of Coanda-effect screens used for debris and fish screening applications. Several online papers describe these screens, the model, and related research.
  • Canal Automation Workshops Software - Software used in our Canal Automation Workshops, including the PIDSim program that provides an educational simulation of PID control applied to canal check gates and turnouts.

Selected Online Publications

  • Coanda-Effect Screen Research

    • Design Guidance for Coanda-Effect Screens (2003) - Reclamation Research Report R-03-03.  This report applies the Coanda computer program (based on the mathematical model described in the 2001 paper) to develop design guidance recommendations for a variety of screen configurations.  Case studies of actual screen installations are provided.
    • Hydraulic Performance of Coanda-Effect Screens (2001) - This paper presents a complete numerical model for determining the discharge through a Coanda-effect screen structure. For a given inflow rate, the model computes the flow profile along the length of the screen and the total discharge through the screen as a function of the structure dimensions and the screen material properties.

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