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RADGAT - Software for determining discharge through canal radial gates

Contact: Tony Wahl, 303-445-2155

The RADGAT program was originally written in the 1980's  for mainframe computers.  An interactive version for the PC was created in the early 1990's.  The program determines discharge through canal radial gates as a function of gate opening and upstream and downstream water levels, or alternately determines the gate opening for a desired discharge.  The algorithms used in RADGAT are based on laboratory and field studies conducted by Clark Buyalski.  Research is presently underway to improve these algorithms.
  • Download PC version of RADGAT - The file you download is a self-extracting executable file containing the program, documentation, and example input and output files.  The program is MS-DOS based, and runs from a command prompt in most versions of Microsoft Windows.
Sketch showing parameters affecting radial gate discharge
Parameters affecting radial gate discharge.
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Last reviewed: 10/26/04