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USBR Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Software


AWARDS/ET-Toolbox - Agricultural WAter Resources Decision Support system and EvapoTranspiration Toolbox  
BFI - Automated base flow separation  
CTAC - water surface profiles (developed by US Army Corps of Engineers) Waterways and Concrete Dams Group
E3fbc - hydrodynamic loading on spillways Waterways and Concrete Dams Group
EM42 - Cavitation analysis for chutes and spillways  
Coanda - Hydraulic performance of Coanda-effect screens used for low-maintenance screening of fish and fine debris  

FLROUT - flood routing through reservoirs and spillways
FLROUT-M flood routing for multiple reservoirs

Waterways and Concrete Dams Group
HDCOW - Head-discharge curves for outlet works Tony Wahl
PIDSim - Educational simulation of PID control algorithms applied to canal automation situations  
RADGAT - Computation of discharge through canal radial gates (DOS-based). See also, WinGate.  
RiverWare - Generalized river basin modeling environment  
SAMS - Stochastic Analysis, Modeling and Simulation  
TAPS - Water hammer and transients analysis for piping systems (Windows interface under development).
Linda Bowles
USBRWeir.xls - Rating tables and equations for common sharp-crested weirs  
WATMAN - Water Management Decision Support Software for Canal Systems  
WinADV - Post-processing of data collected from acoustic Doppler velocimeter (ADV) probes  
WinFlume - Design and calibration of long-throated flumes and broad-crested weirs  
WinGate - Computing discharge through canal radial gates (Windows-based; under development) Tony Wahl
ZPROF - Water surface profiles using standard step method
Waterways and Concrete Dams Group
Chameleon - a package available for installation by Reclamation TSC employees in Denver. Chameleon combines the DOS-based programs E3fbc, FLROUT, FLROUT-M, ZPROF, and other packages into one installation set.  

Last reviewed: 11/29/11