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Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling

The Hydraulic Investigations and Laboratory Services Group licenses the FLOW-3D program from Flow Science, Inc., for two and three-dimensional numerical modeling of open-channel and closed-conduit hydraulics.

Numerical models are developed separately and in conjunction with physical models to best understand complicated fluid-flow applications including:

Numerical models are used for:

Example Application

Tracy Experimental Test Facility (TFTF) - CFD modeling was used in combination with laboratory physical modeling to evaluate proposed conceptual designs. Results were used with newly developed fish behavior models to predict fish response to various hydraulic structures (screens, louvers, separators, bypasses, etc.)


Two-dimensional velocity field for flow through a louver structure.


Joe Kubitschek, M.S., Hydraulic Engineer, (303) 445-2148


Last reviewed: 03/22/11