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King, D.L.. 1970. "Reaeration of Streams and Reservoirs - Analysis and Bibliography". Bureau of Reclamation, Report Number REC-OCE-70-55.

Abstract: Bureau of I!eclaniation r e s p o n s i b i l i t y for maintaining o r enhancing the water q u a l i t y associated with its projects has resulted i n a conlprellcnsivc program o f research i n water q u a l i t y and pollution control. A l i t e r a - t u r e search and s t a t e - o f - t h e - a r t review t o determine the need f o r future research in reaeration of streams and reservoirs revealed a large number o f references concerning the application of aeration methods and equipment t o waste treatment. Generally, the application of t h i s technology t o aeration of large volumes of water such as r i v e r s and reservoirs remains t o be developed, although several applicable references were found. Questions regarding atmospheric reaeration in streams remain unresolved. Research is also needed regarding the aeration capability of hydraulic s t r u c t u r e s and control devices, development of new methods and equipment, e f f e c t s o f dissolved a i r on c a v i t a t i o n , and comparative economics o f various methods and equipment. Ecological effects of reaeration are being considered in a separate review.

Web Link: http://www.usbr.gov/pmts/hydraulics_lab/pubs/REC/REC-OCE-70-55.pdf

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