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B. W. Mefford. 2009. "USBR Experience with Multiple-Slot-Baffled Fishways". Bureau of Reclamation, Report Number PAP-995.

Abstract: A discussion of recent designs and construction methods for fishways using multiple-slot baffles is presented. A further enhancement of the design to convey increased fish attraction flow and flush floating debris through the fishway during periods of high river flow is also presented. This style of fishway is referred to in the paper as a skimming flow fishway. The multiple-slot baffle design was developed to provide a wide range of passage velocity and flow depth to promote passage of multiple species and life stages. The hydraulic design and fish passage attributes of the design are presented based on physical and numerical modeling and case studies. In recent years, the Bureau of Reclamation has constructed nature-like, technical and combination style fishways of this type for both salmonid and nonsalmonid fish passage with excellent results.

Web Link: http://www.usbr.gov/pmts/hydraulics_lab/pubs/PAP/PAP-0995.pdf

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