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Connie DeMoyer (Svoboda) and Tracy Vermeyen. 2007. "Measuring Point Velocities and Near-Bed Turbulence Parameters with an Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter in Environmental River Studies". Bureau of Reclamation, Report Number PAP-966.

Abstract: Mean point velocities and near-bed turbulence parameters may need to be collected at any location and depth in a river during sediment transport, erosion, and fisheries field studies. Handheld stream gauging instruments mounted on wading rods can be used to measure mean point velocities in shallow water, but cannot be used in deep waters or for collection of turbulence data. Acoustic Doppler velocimeters (ADV) can be used to measure point velocities and turbulence parameters in shallow and deep water systems and near to boundaries, but mounting these instruments for field usage can be challenging. To collect near-bed turbulence measurements in shallow water, a surveying tripod was used to mount, level, and position the ADV. In deep water systems, an ADV was mounted inside a hollowed section of a sounding weight lowered from a boom on a boat. The pros and cons of each of these mounts are discussed

Web Link: http://www.usbr.gov/pmts/hydraulics_lab/pubs/PAP/PAP-0966.pdf

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