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Tony L. Wahl. 2007. "Software for Discharge Calibration of Canal Radial Gates". Bureau of Reclamation, Report Number PAP-964.

Abstract: A new Windows-based computer program for determining rating tables for free-flow and submerged-flow canal radial gates is described. The software makes use of the energy-momentum analysis method, applying the energy equation from the upstream water surface through the vena contracta point, and the momentum equation from the vena contracta to the downstream water surface. The software is structured to allow the analysis of complete check structures comprising multiple gates which may be operated in a nonuniform way. The new program provides a graphical user interface for data input and output. Rating tables can provide either discharge or gate opening over a range of upstream and downstream water levels. These capabilities will facilitate the operational use of radial gates for improved water management.

Web Link: http://www.usbr.gov/pmts/hydraulics_lab/pubs/PAP/PAP-0964.pdf

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