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Tracy B. Vermeyen. 2006. "Penstock Intake Velocity Survey at Glen Canyon Dam, September 2006". Bureau of Reclamation, Report Number HL-2006-07.

Abstract: A survey of the actual water currents around unit no. 6 during normal (2600 ft3/sec) and high (3600 ft3/sec) flows into units no. 5 and no. 7 at Glen Canyon Dam was performed in September 2006. The strongest horizontal currents were measured at the trashracks of the operational units (no. 5 and no. 7). Under steady flows, the maximum current measured was 1.64 ft/sec at El. 3458.8 ft near unit no.7 which was withdrawing 3600 ft3/sec. For all 4 test conditions, there was at least a 48 ft envelope on either side of the unit no. 6 centerline where velocities were less than 0.4 ft/sec. Current magnitudes quickly dropped with distance from the operating unit’s trashrack. Currents decreased to less than 0.4 ft/sec at a distance of 20 ft from the operating intake for high flows (3600 ft3/sec). Similarly, currents decreased to less than 0.4 ft/sec at a distance of 15 ft from the operating intake for normal flows (2600 ft3/sec).

Web Link: http://www.usbr.gov/pmts/hydraulics_lab/pubs/HL/HL-2006-07.pdf

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