9. Care of Propeller Meters

Current meters must receive the best care during transportation and use to ensure accurate velocity measurements. Particular care should be taken when working near bridge piers and abutments, floating debris or ice, and also when measurements are being taken at irregular or unknown sections and the meter is suspended on a measuring line. If the cups or blades become bent or damaged, the results obtained from the rating curve for the meter will be unreliable. After completing the measurements at a rating station, the meter should be carefully cleaned. After each day's use, it should be properly lubricated.

The Price-type meters have special cases for storage when the meter is not in use. For damage protection, the cup wheel should be supported firmly on the resting pin that replaces the needle bearing while the meter is stored or being transported. Meter damage has occurred because of improper packing and careless handling in transportation. The meter case should be substantial and rigid with properly fitted interior supports to prevent movement and damage to the delicate parts.