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Portable Water Measurement Display Flume

The portable display flume demonstrates both open channel and closed pipe water measurement devices. This flume can be set up at schools, conferences, and exhibits to demonstrate flow measurement principles .
Photo of flume

Photograph of portable water measurement demonstration flume with a long throated flume in the open channel and a acoustic flowmeter in the pipe section below.

How the flume works---

A recent addition available for the demonstration flume is an automatically controlled radial gate module (inserts in place of the long throated flume in the picture) This feature demonstrates automatic upstream or downstream water level control with a PID (proportional/integral/derivative) control algorithm. A small RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) stores the algorithm and controls the gate movements through a relay and switch box. A personal computer can be connected to display a graph of the water levels and gate position as the algorithm controls the water levels.

Additional Pictures

Photos of Typical Procedure for Packing and Shipping

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Last reviewed: 01/10/05