Physical Model Studies of the GCID
Pumping Plant Fish Screen
Structure Alternatives

Progress Report No. 1

1:30 Scale Model Investigations:
Alternative D

by Brent Mefford and Joseph P. Kubitschek, Water Resources Research Laboratory
Bureau of Reclamation Technical Service Center
Denver, Colorado 80225

Hard copy available at the Technical Service Center, Denver, Colorado, or from
National Technical Information Service, Operations Division
5285 Port Royal Road, Springfield, Virginia 22161


The Bureau of Reclamation constructed a positive barrier fish screen (alternative D) physical model for GCID (Glenn-Colusa Irrigation District) to evaluate, improve, and document the viability of the concept as a means to protect the fishery resource. The information included in this report is provided to the GCID Technical Advisory Group to assist in the evaluation of proposed screen alternatives and to provide design data for the selected alternative. Results demonstrate the D alternative is a viable design. The study results show the long flat plate screen concept can be designed to meet the listed objectives. A series of modifications to the screen design was identified and instituted through the model study to improve performance. Prior to completion of model testing, a final test was conducted to verify repeatability of the data. The final configuration test results showed satisfactory agreement of data.


The GCID (Glenn-Colusa Irrigation District) technical advisory team provided many helpful ideas for this study. Bruce Feinberg provided assistance in model data collection that was greatly appreciated. The study was peer reviewed by Dr. Mufeed Odeh, Conte Anadromous Fish Research Center, Turners Falls Massachusetts. Dr. Mufeed provided valuable input throughout the study.

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