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3D Photogrammetry Mapping

Why use photogrammetry?

Sample of photgrammetric dataField work that used to take many days, can now be performed in hours

What is photogrammetry?

Light rays from a given point of an object reaching the surface of the camera film (or surface of the digital imaging chip or your eyeball) creates a two-dimensional image.

Each point could have come from a number of different points along a line between the object and the camera sensor.

Diagram showing what photogrammetry does


How does photogrammetry work?

Photogrammetry uses images from two different locations to determine the 3rd dimension, or depth and the location of a particular point.Diagram showing data points for 3D photogrammetry


More Information

Photogrammetry brochure (500 K pdf)

Cost savings for photogrammetry (519K pdf)

Reasons to use photogrammetry (2M pdf)



Contact Bryan Simpson, 303-445-3094, for more information on photogrammetry at Reclamation.