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Sharon K. Taylor, DVM, PhD, Group Manager, sktaylor@usbr.gov, 303-445-2052

Our Reclamation Clients

Our Number One Client is Reclamation, and we have helped many Regional and Area Offices accomplish their water resource management missions. Here's some of the Reclamation offices we've helped and the projects we've performed with our group's environmental science and problem solving expertise:

Pacific Northwest Regional Office, Boise, Idaho:
Deer Flat Embankments Seepage Chemistry; Sensitivity of Reservoirs to Acid Precipitation; Lake Owyhee Mercury and Water Quality; Flow characterization studies in the upper Lemhi River Basin using PHABSIM to determine flow needs in streams for bull trout, chinook salmon, and steelhead to meet a requirement of the Federal Columbia River Power System Biological Opinion

Upper Columbia Area Office, Yakima, Washington: Yakima Headwater Reservoirs Limnology, Bull Trout Population Survey, Threatened and Endangered Fish Assessments, Steelhead Entrainment, Yakima River Fish Surveys

Lower Columbia Area Office, Portland, Oregon: Fish Entrainment in Irrigation Diversions for the Umatilla Project in Oregon; Technical Assistance to Umatilla Tribe on Fish Entrainment Issues; Instream flow study using 1D (PHABSIM) and 2D (River2D) habitat modeling in Bear Creek and Little Butte Creek watersheds to assess impacts of Rogue Irrigation Project on federally listed coho salmon; Technical assistance on Section 7 Consultations of effects of Rogue Project on coho salmon

Mid Pacific Regional Office, Sacramento, California: : Kesterson Reservoir Selenium Data Quality Assurance; Mercury in the Carson River Basin; Mercury in the American River Basin; Central Valley Project Water Quality Monitoring Reports Consultation

Klamath Basin Area Office, Klamath Falls, Oregon: "A" Canal Fish Screen Consultation; Sucker Passage Assessment, EDT Modeling of Fishery Response to River Flows; Thermal refugia study in mainstem Klamath River below Iron Gate Dam to assess effects of mainstem flows on federally listed juvenile coho salmon in summer thermal refugia; Technical assistance on Section 7 Consultations of Klamath Project effects on coho salmon

Lahontan Basin Area Office, Carson City, Nevada: Summit Lake Fish and Water Quality Assessments, Pyramid Lake Fish and Water Quality Assessments, Paiute Tribe Lahontan Cutthroat Automated Fish Counter Studies, Mercury in the Carson River Basin

Northern California Area Office, Shasta Lake, California: Endangered Quiui Fish Assessments, Fish Response Study for Shasta Dam Temperature Control Device

Central California Area Office, Fresno, California: Nimbus Reservoir Fishery Consultation, Mercury in the American River Basin

South Central California Area Office, Fresno, California: Numerous Fish Entrainment, Salvage Efficiency, Tracking, Threatened and Endangered Species, and Structures Studies for the Tracy Fish Collection Facility, Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment Studies, Management of Tracy Technical Report Series, Management of Tracy Technical Website, Tracy Fish Facilities Improvement Program Studies

Central Valley Operations Office, Sacramento, California: Automation and Instrumentation for Tracy Fish Collection Faciity Operations

Mid-Pacific Construction Office, Willows, California: Numerous Fish Entrainment, Threatened and Endangered Species, and Fish Friendly Pump Evaluation studies at Red Bluff Research Pumping Plant and Red Bluff Diversion Dam.

Lower Colorado Regional Office, Boulder City, Nevada: Native Fish Consultations, Fish Habitat Assessment on the Lower Colorado River, Threatened and Endangered Fish Surveys, Flannelmouth Sucker Assessment, Willow Flycatcher Surveys and Assessment

Upper Colorado Regional Office, Salt Lake City, Utah: Preconstruction Microcosm Simulation of Ridgway Reservoir, Preconstruction Microcosm Simulation of Jordanelle Reservoir, Limnology and Water Quality in Ridgway Reservoir, Lake Powell Temperature Control Device Fish Studies

Albuquerque Area Office, Albuquerque, New Mexico: Vallecito Reservoir Fishery Assessment, El Vado Dam Nitrogen Supersaturation, Silvery Minnow Habitat and Assessment, Franklin Eddy Canal Grass Carp Assessment, Hydrogen Sulfide in Elephant Butte Reservoir, Willow Flycatcher Survey and Habitat Assessment, Carp in Closed Basin Project Canals

Western Colorado Area Office, Grand Junction, Colorado: Fishery and Water Quality Assessment in Blue Mesa Reservoir, Water Quality in Crystal Reservoir, Nitrogen Supersaturation at Ridgway Dam

Great Plains Regional Office, Billings, Montana: Fish Entrainment Studies at Wildwood Diversion, Fish Entrainment at Heart Mountain Dam, Threatened and Endangered Fish Consultations, Yellowtail Seepage Chemistry Study 1988, Sanford Dam Seepage Chemistry Study 1989, Horsetooth Dam Seepage Chemistry Studies 1987-1995

Eastern Colorado Area Office, Loveland, Colorado: NEPA Environmental Assessments, Environmental Impact Statements, Chemical Testing for Leadville Mine Drainage Tunnel, Assessment of Tailings and Runoff in California Gulch Superfund Site, Fisheries Effects of Pumped Storage Operations at Mt. Elbert Pumping Plant, Horsetooth Dam Seepage Chemistry Studies 1998-2006

Montana Area Office, Billings, Montana: Yellowtail Dam Seepage Chemistry, Clark Canyon Dam Seepage Chemistry, Bighorn Lake Fishery Surveys, Nitrogen Supersaturation at Yellowtail Dam, Threatened and Endangered Fish - Pallid Sturgeon, Entrainment Studies for Milk River Project, Fish Entrainment Studies in Irrigation Diversions for the Huntley Project, Frenchtown Project, and Milk River Project in Montana, , the Yakima Project in Washington, the Shoshone Project in Wyoming

Nebraska-Kansas Area Office, Grand Island, Nebraska: Fish Entrainment Studies at Lovewell Canal, Chemical Tests for Dispersive Clay-Soils for McGee Creek Dam

Dam Safety Office, Denver, Colorado: Seepage Chemistry Investigations at Horsetooth Dam, and Clark Canyon Dam, Development and publication of Seepage Chemistry Manual

Science and Technology Program, Denver, Colorado: Microcosm Simulation of Sediment-Water Systems, Vulnerability of Reclamation Reservoirs to Acid Precipitation, Speciation and Bioavailability of Trace Metals, Mercury and Water Quality in Lake Owyhee, Water Quality in Ridgway Reservoir

Information Links

Here are some links to informative sites that provide additional background about ecology, biology, earth science, the environment, and the world:

American Fisheries Society Ecology.com - General Ecology Information AquaNIC - Aquaculture Network Information Center
Ornithology.com - Information on Birds Smithsonian Natural History Museum - Division of Fish Melissa Kaplan's Herpetology Resources
Wetlands International National Wildlife Federation American Rivers
Oceans Alive University of California Davis, Graduate Group in Ecology Colorado State University, Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology
Glossary of Environmental Science Terms Useful Unit Conversion Factors Wikipedia
Encyclopedia of Earth Wolfram Math World Tide and Currents Calculations University of South Carolina
Molecular Expressions - Microscopy Resources

The CIA World Factbook Digital Camera Resource Page

Scientific Gear Vendors

The following are links to some of the vendors who supply field equipment and instrumentation:

Sonotronics Ultrasonic Tracking Lotek Radio Telemetry ATS - Advanced Telemetry Systems
YSI Water Quality Probes Hach-Hydrolab Water Quality Probes In-Situ Water Quality Probes
Smith-Root Electrofishing Gear Samus Electrofishing Gear Rickly Hydrological Company Field Gear
Ben Meadows - Field Gear Wildco - Field Gear Forestry Suppliers - Field Gear
Soundmetrics - DIDSON Cameras   Biosonics - Hydroacoustics Gear
Vaki - Fish Counting and Tracking SonarData - Hydroacoustics Software

Federal Agency Links

We often work and consult with other state and federal agencies who have regulatory or resource management responsibility for Reclamation projects and facilities (light blue background links). Here are links to some of our Federal collaborators and colleagues:

Reclamation Tracy Fish Collection Facility Research Reclamation Technical Service Center, Denver, Colorado Reclamation Hydraulic Investigations and Laboratory Services, Denver, Colorado
  Projects and Facilities - Information about Reclamation Dams and Water Projects  
USGS - Geological Survey Streamflow and Water Quality Data USGS Colorado Streamflow Data USGS California Streamflow Data
NOAA - National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration NMFS - NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service NOAA National Climate Data Center
EPA - US Environmental Protection Agency EPA - Surf Your Watershed Water Quality Data EPA - Clean Water Act
EPA - Superfund Program EPA Region 6 - Dallas, Texas EPA Region 7 - Kansas City, Kansas
EPA Region 8 Denver, Colorado EPA Region 9 San Francisco, California EPA Region 10 Seattle, Washington
FWS - US Fish and Wildlife Service FWS - Endangered Species Program FWS - Fisheries and Habitat Conservation
COE - US Army Corps of Engineers
COE Sacramento District COE San Francisco District

California and Delta Links

We do a lot of work in the Central Valley and Delta regions of California. Here are some links to California state and local agencies and organizations:

IEP - Interagency Ecological Program   IEP Data Vaults Archive
DWR - Department of Water Resources DWR Bay Delta Office DWR South Delta Improvement Program
Temporary Delta Barrier Schedules
DFG - Department of Fish and Game DFG Central Valley Bay-Delta Branch South Delta Fish Salvage Data
State Water Project  
SFEI - San Francisco Estuary Institute SFEI Regional Monitoring Program San Francisco Bay Area Wetlands Restoration Program
San Luis Delta Mendota Water Authority
  State Water Resources Control Board

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