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The Fisheries and Wildlife Resources Group combines the expertise of professional fisheries scientists, wildlife biologists, and environmental regulatory specialists to conduct a wide variety of multidisciplinary environmental field and laboratory studies concerning aquatic and terrestrial habitats, wildlife, water quality, and environmental impacts.

The Fisheries and Wildlife Resources Group is a full service environmental science research and consulting resource - combining the skills and experience of fishery and wildlife biologists, regulatory specialists, and environmental chemists to serve Reclamation offices.

We also develop and apply new and novel technologies for fish protection associated with Reclamation's water development facilities and operations. We are a comprehensive environmental research group capable of large scale research program planning, management, and execution, as well as specific technical tasks and consultations. We use state of the art equipment and technology combined with a wide range and depth of experience to give our clients the best possible technical service or product at the lowest possible cost. Click on the links below to learn more about our technical capabilities, equipment, staff, and published reports.

Our Multidisciplinary Technical Capabilities

Click here to learn why we are highly qualified to meet all of your environmental study and regulatory compliance needs. We have significant multidisciplinary experience and capabilities.

Our Experienced and Dedicated Staff

Our experienced and capable staff stands ready to assist you solving your environmental monitoring, compliance, research, and consulting problems.

Our Reports and Publications

We take pride in the high scientific standards we apply to the products of our research and consulting. Click here to view Acrobat PDF files of our peer reviewed technical reports.

State of the Art Equipment and Facilities

We maintain experience and knowledge with all state of the art environmental sampling and investigative instrumentation and equipment. Click here to learn more about the gear we use and the facilities we operate to accomplish your mission.

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