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Technical Service Center
Economics, Planning, and Technical Communications Group
Economics and Resource Planning Team

Social Analysis

Our Social Analysis specialists evaluate societal changes resulting from proposed or ongoing Reclamation activities. They provide analysis of the effects on individuals and communities, consultation and analyses for NEPA compliance and planning studies.

Social Assessment and Analysis

Social analysts provide important input to resource planning, including:

  • Historical research
  • Characterization of demographics
  • Population projections
  • Social impact analysis

Environmental Justice

Our specialists analyze the equity of a Federal action on ethnic and economic minorities for fair treatment, disproportionate share of negative consequences, and environmental hazards in compliance with Executive Order 12898.

   Indian Trust Assets

In meeting Federal trust responsibilities to protect and maintain the rights of American Indian tribes andindividuals, the decision process for proposed Federal actions must provide for participation by Native Americans. Our specialists can:

  • Identify Indian Trust Assets and assess impacts
  • Facilitate government-to-government relationships
  • Consult with potentially affected tribes

For further information about the Economics and Resource Planning Team, our people, and the services we provide, we invite you to follow any of the links on the left-hand navigation bar, or contact Randy Christopherson (303-445-2729 or RChristopherson@usbr.gov).