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Reports and Publications

This is a partial list of manuals and reports from the Economics and Resource Planning Team. Links are to pdf files.

Title Author, Date
Animas-La Plata Project, Colorado-New Mexico, Economic and Financial Analysis Update June 1995
Assessing the Short-Run Economic Cost of Environmental Constraints on Hydropower Operations at Glen Canyon Dam Harpman, 1999
Benefits from Including Wetland Component in Water Supply Projects Piper and Platt, 1998
Benefits Transfer Approach to Estimating Recreation Value Platt, 1996
Contingent Valuation Method Ekstrand and Draper, 2000
Decision Process Guidebook Coulter and Larsen, 2002
Dolores Project, Colorado, Final Cost Allocation  
Economic Analysis of Dam Decommissioning (350k pdf) Platt, 2003
Economic Consequences Methodology for Dam Failure Scenarios Munger, 2009
The Economic Cost of the 1996 Controlled Flood Harpman, 1999
Economic Impacts from Salinity in the Lower Colorado River Basin Borda, 2004
Economic Nonmarket Valuation of Instream Flows (330k pdf) Platt, 2001
Economics and Related Literature—Glen and Grand Canyon (480k pdf) Harpman, 2014
Estimating Economic Consequences From Dam Failure in the Safety of Dams Program (415k pdf) Ekstrand, 2000
Estimating Fishery Economic Use Values (245k pdf) Platt, 2008
Estimating Future Recreation Demand: A Decision Guide for the Practitioner (pdf) Haas, G.E., M.D. Wells, V. Lovejoy, and D. Welch, 2007
Estimating Future Water Demand Using Population and Economic Growth Projections: A Guide for Municipal, Rural and Industrial (MR&I) Water Assessments (pdf) Piper, 2000
Estimating Regional Economic Impacts in an Economic Analysis (pdf) Piper, 2000
Evaluating the Accuracy of the Benefit Transfer Method: A rural water supply application in the USA Piper, ?
Evaluating Economic and Financial Feasibility of Municipal and Industrial Water Projects (222k pdf) Piper, 2009
Exploring the Economic Value of Hydropower in the Interconnected Electricity System Harpman, 2006
Forecasting Changes in Site-Specific Recreation Use Platt, 1996
Glen Canyon Dam, Beach/Habitat-Building Test Flow—An Ex-Post Analysis of Hydropower Cost Harpman, 1997
Glen Canyon Dam, Colorado River Storage Project, Arizona—The Short-Run Economic Cost of Environmental Constraints on Hydropower Operations (603k pdf) Harpman, 1997
Handbook for Estimating the Economic Value of Changes in Fish and Wildlife-Related Resources Ekstrand, Revised 1996
Impact of Fluctuating Reservoir Elevation on Recreation Use And Value (163k pdf) Platt, 2000
Incentive Pricing Handbook for Agricultural Water Disticts (2.3M pdf) Harpman, 1997
Influence of Water Quality on Recreation Use: Theory, Techniques, and an Application Piper and Platt, 2004
Interim Cost Allocation Report, Columbia Basin Project, Washington May 2000
Introduction to Conjoint Analysis for Valuing Ecosystem Amenities Harpman, 2008
A Managed Flood on the Colorado River:  Background, Objectives, Design, and Implementation (165k pdf) Patten, Harpman, et al., 2001
Measuring Goodness of Fit for the Double Bounded Logit Model: Comment (176k pdf) Harpman and Welsh, 1998
Measuring the Influence of Water Management Practices on the Economic Benefits of Commercial Fishing (320k pdf)
Technical Memorandum Number EC-2008-01
Platt, 2008
Measuring Regional Economic Impacts of Recreation Borda and Platt, 1997
Meta-Analysis of Water Recreation (392k pdf) Platt and Ekstrand, 2001
Modeling Recreation Decisions and Estimating the Benefits of North Dakota River Recreation Piper, 1998
Nonuse Economic Value: Emerging Policy Analysis Tool 242k pdf) Harpman, Welsh, and Bishop, 1993
Public Involvement Manual (6.63M pdf) Larsen and Coulter 2001
Reservoir Recreation Use Estimation Modeling with Water Level Fluctuation (305k pdf)   Platt, July 2001
Resource Management Plan Guidebook—Planning for the Future Welch et al., 2003
San Juan–Chama Project, Colorado–New Mexico, Final Cost Allocation Economics Group, 2001
Sign Guidelines, for Planning, Design, Fabrication, Procurement, Installation, and Maintenance of Signs for Outdoor Public Use Areas Economics and Resource Planning Group, 2006
Social Analysis Manual (Volume 1 for managers and Volume 2 for practictioners) (30M pdfs) Larsen and Coulter 2002
Using Contingent Valuation and Benefit Transfer to Evaluate Water Supply Improvements Piper, 1998
Valuation of American Indian Land and Water Resources: A Guidebook (422k pdf) Hammer, 2002
Water Supply - Assessing the Financial and Economic Feasibility of Rural Water System Improvements Piper and Martin, 1999
Water Recreation Opportunity Spectrum Users' Guidebook
[Superseded in September 2011 by the Water and Land Recreation Opportunity Spectrum Users' Handbook]
Haas, Aukerman, Lovejoy, and Welch, 2004

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