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This information is intended to convey the underlying concepts for Reclamation's decision processes. It is not mandatory.
See the Reclamation Manual for official Reclamation-wide requirements.

Reclamation's Decision Process Guide


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The revenge of the uninvited player can be fierce. In Sleeping Beauty, the fairy who wasn't invited to the christening exacted vengeance by putting the princess to sleep for 100 years. In government processes, univited individuals, organizations, or governmental entities can exact vengeance by putting your process to sleep or killing it altogether.

The fundamental premise is that we are all in this together. Work with and respect everyone-- supporters , vetoers , and fence-sitters.

An effective decision process includes many other players besides those in Reclamation and other government agencies. Participants*definition are:

  • Those who believe they might be impacted by a decision (project is within the community, resources are valued, etc.)
  • Those who are required to be involved in a decision (by jurisdiction or employment)
  • Those who advise and influence the decision (either technically or politically)
  • Those who facilitate the decision process

Participants can be:

  • Individuals
  • Groups
  • Organizations
  • Partnerships
  • Government entities and personnel (Federal, State, local, etc.)

Participants make or break the decision process. Contact them early . If no one cares enough to solve the problem, then the problem won't be solved, no matter how pressing it is.

Keep communication lines open at all times.

Keep a list of participants and keep them informed of major developments.

Without participation,

there is no


Without ownership,

there is no


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SUCCESS: Don't try to reinvent the wheel. Go to someone who already has the information.

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