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This information is intended to convey the underlying concepts for Reclamation's decision processes. It is not mandatory.
See the Reclamation Manual for official Reclamation-wide requirements.

Reclamation's Decision Process Guide

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Since anyone can delay or halt a project, you CANNOT ignore new players.

New players help ensure

  • Issues aren't overlooked
  • The process is rational and appropriate

Decision processes grapple with constantly changing publics, new core and technical team members, and new decisionmakers .

Take a moment to look at the process through new players' eyes. They see a project that affects them and yet they haven't been able to influence it. They will probably suspect actions taken so far and want to re-address issues that have already been resolved through agreements.

It is up to you to take the first step. Keep a file or action plan that explains your process and the decisions you have already reached (remember to keep updating the last page). Be willing to spend the time to communicate and negotiate with new players so they can:

  • Understand the history of the process
  • Identify where they fit in and how they can help implement solutions
  • Understand where the process is now and where it is going
  • Agree that the process has been legitimate and reasonable
  • Agree that the future course is appropriate and reasonable (or propose changes)
  • Negotiate changes in the process

Demonstrate that you made a good effort to invite new players on board and to inform and involve them in the process to:

  • Show others in the community that the process is open and credible.
  • Erode the credibility of anyone who refuses to get involved and who attempts to derail the process.

Force those who expect to delay the process to provide reasonable arguments.

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